Become a Baskytor

Earn up to $20.00+/hr driving your car and choosing your hours
What is Baskyt?
Baskyt is a grocery, restaurant, and retail delivery service application (all in one) with locations throughout the USA. We work with business partners and deliver their products to homes, offices and hotels. Our application features online ordering and up-to-date product listings.
How it Works?
Baskyt is easy to use and built to be 100% user friendly for both customers and business partners. The customer is notified that their delivery is on the way. Our driver (Baskytors) delivers the order promptly to the customer.
The process begins with an eager customer to get a wanted product quickly. They browse your product listings and place their order on our application. A driver is notified that the order has been placed and arrives for pick-up or shops for the items.
In the end, both the customer and business partners are satisfied.
Why Baskyt?
Make up to $20.00+/hr in delivery fees and tips. Driving with Baskyt is a great way to earn money on your own schedule. Be your own boss. The more you drive, the more you earn. Whether you're looking for a part time gig or full time work, being a Baskyt Driver (Baskytor) is a great opportunity for all.